Welcome to Nanaimo!

Nanaimo is a wonderful place to live and play! Nanaimo has a thriving economy and enjoys a low unemployment rate. The high tech sector has discovered Nanaimo and new businesses are creating new jobs. The city is steadily expanding its borders, adding more housing options and shopping facilities to accommodate a healthy population of over 85,000. Nanaimo is a regional center for shopping, medical services and many businesses. Nanaimo is also home to VIU (Vancouver Island University), Nanaimo Regional Hospital, and Fisheries Canada’s Research Station.

Nanaimo, our “Harbour City”, is a destination for many visitors. Once they see the quality of life here, they often come back to stay. Mild winters, natural beauty and great amenities and services make Nanaimo our little piece of paradise.

We have all the conveniences of the bigger cities but with lower housing prices and without the traffic!

With our expanded airport services we now have directs flights to Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Seattle and more to come. On the horizon is a Nanaimo harbour to Vancouver harbour passenger ferry, with scheduling to suit commuters. Also coming soon is train service between Nanaimo and Victoria.

Housing options in Nanaimo are great – and the prices are affordable!

Browse our neighbourhood guide to get an overview of the options.