Putting Yourself in Your Buyers’ Shoes

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Put yourself in the buyers shoes:

  • Your buyers might be a different generation from yours, with different needs and tastes. You may need to think outside of your own box in order to properly prepare your house.

A Buyers 3 Step Process:

1. Internet search:

Photos on your MLS listing will be the buyer’s first introduction to your home. Prepare your home BEFORE you list it.

2. Drive-by

  • Pay attention to your home’s curb-appeal.
  • Is your grass green and trimmed?
  • Is your garden weeded and pruned?
  • Are your garbage cans in sight?
  • Do you need to paint your house? Your front door?
  • Do you need to update your front door hardware/light/mailbox?
  • Do what you need to do, to make sure buyers want to come inside.

3. Viewing your home

Your entry is where most decisions are made. Make this area spacious and inviting with some art work, a chair and a mat for shoes.

Pay attention to all the senses:

  • Smell/taste – Bake some cookies; banish the pets and their gear
  • Sound – play quiet, soothing background music. This is especially important if you have traffic noise to cover.
  • Sight- what do you see from your entry? Make sure there is something in each view that will invite the buyer to enter.
  • Feel – not too warm and not too cool. Make sure your home feels cozy in the winter and fresh in the summer. In fact, if your home tends to be too hot in the summer, then avoid selling it during the problem season.