Partners in Compassion

The Nanaimo Bhaktapur Hospice Palliative Care Twinning Project.

It began with my husband, Robin Love, travelling to Nepal in 2005 to teach palliative care in Kathmandu. He came home from that trip amazed at the suffering and poverty of the people there and how little it takes to make a difference. Having learned about the concept of twinning from Stephen Lewis, we decided to establish a partnership between Nanaimo Hospice and the fledgling palliative care program at Bhaktapur Cancer Care Hospital. Now in our 5th year of this partnership we have all gained so much: the practice of palliative care medicine in Bhaktapur and the Kathmandu valley has become established and is growing into its own sustainability. On our side of the globe we have been greatly blessed by the opportunity to have our eyes opened to other cultures, other ways of experiencing the world and our own limited perspectives.

Venetia Mah and Richard Trang travelled to Bhaktapur with Robin in the fall of 2010 and they have produced an amazing 27 min. documentary about the project.  You can view it on our website: